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With better quality and lower cost you can capture the market with better quality in lower price help you to stay in business provide jobs more jobs all very simple one has to know how to produce quality of a quality is that the ultimate aim that quality goes all the way through an organization could be no better than the top no better than the intent of the top the top people that is dr. Deming single most important point what needs to be done can be done only by top management professor Robert rice the Harvard economist who joined dr. Deming and producer Clair Crawford Mason in this discussion says that management too often thinks that reducing costs will solve the problem there are a lot of ways to reduce costs but that is not going to enhance our standard of living because our standard living is based on improving the quality of our work and our skills our skill bases the value of what we do the irony is that dr. Demings 14 points will in fact reduce cost but that isn’t the point they will create jobs and provide better products and services for the consumer quantity will go up and so will our skills best of all we can reverse the slide in our standard of living that has become noticeable point number five is continual improvement of processes of processes finding Hut’s Rome is not improvement of the process if there are a fire here in this building and somehow we put it out that did not improve the building that’s not improvement that’s putting out fires people it’s very important to understand the difference between putting out fires plugging leaks and improvement of processes one company I asked what you do about these problem but we run it down to the bitter end even if we have to go to Brazil to find what happened we find it out it sounds great that’s a path toward destruction because they’re not studying a system they’re managing outcomes managing dealings instead of looking at the system that produced finding things 0.5 sounds like 0.3 well yes in a way it does each of dr. Demmings 14 points is implicit in all the others the way not to depend on mass inspection 0.3 is to continually improve the process 0.5 to do that you’ll need quality supplies 0.4 if finding a quality supplier takes time well remember point 1 constancy of purpose and also remember to adopt the new philosophy which just happens to be point to know one of dr. Demmings point stands alone nor did he intend that one should the 14 points are one philosophy an original way of looking at business and industry or anything else but for our purposes the 14 points are the body of knowledge that management needs to cure America’s economic problems and they have to be learned because no one is born with that kind of knowledge point 6 training and Retraining what number 6 is training and Retraining of management and the people no good to tell somebody to do something but he does not understand why you cannot even I would you could tell me to wash that table I would not know what to do if you don’t tell me why what you’re going to use it for there you lead off of it clean it up now could use of some chemical purposes normal doctor Demings point is that not only must the workforce be trained to do the job it must know what the job is and why it is being done to put it another way true leadership is not a matter of giving orders but of giving explanations dr. Deming believes that the American workforce is the best in the world the best educated the most creative but it must be led not driven professor rice says it’s a matter of recognizing the workers value your most precious possession is not your financial assets your most precious possession is the people you have working there what they carry around in their heads and their ability to work together dr. Deming says the best way to get workers to work together is to explain specifically what each person’s job and responsibility is then to divide the work into specific steps each person treats the next person along the line as the customer who must be satisfying everybody as a customer in any organization being a laundry bank newspaper manufacturing education no matter what to do my work I know I need to know who is going to use it whom am i working for in an organization it was my customer why am I here what am i doing on the customer the next stage must work with the preceding stage somebody put it so well an anonymous contribution in one of my seminars this I can do for you here’s what you can do for me didn’t that much when work is organized that way it’s easy to see that two basic beliefs of American management are simply wrong blaming the worker right in a way the first belief is that if everyone did the job and worked hard you’d get quality but if the process is wrong all the hard work in the world can’t make quality make sweat the second belief that is if workers would pay attention and not make mistakes all our problems would be solved well when dr. Deming is asked about that he asked people how they think continental Illinois Bank got into trouble you think that happened because of mistakes and tellers mistakes and can’t and calculating interest on penalties and loans you think so did anybody think so from operations nonsense those things are attributable to management in fact dr. Deming says only 6% of the problems in industry can be traced to the workers ninety four percent are caused either by management or by the system and since only management can redesign the system only management can be blamed if it’s wrong justice well it’s not exactly fair just as the workforce has to be trained so does management leadership has to be better what number seven is improvement of leadership which we commonly call supervision I think that it should be called leadership leading people to help them to do a better job being in management on the factory floor supervision should be replaced by leadership there’s no secret once again about what leadership is what leadership must do is to help people Oh point thirteen is self-improvement program of self-improvement education improvement in other ways helping people to live better education in whatever ones fancy might take him into history music archaeology anything whatever keep people’s minds developing education need not be connected to the work may be better if it’s not the point number six is training and Retraining for the jaw point over thirteen is elevating people’s minds the organization come survive but just good people they need people that are improving and the problem is people at the top in any profession the good ones are hard to find help people to be good ones but the education need not be connected with the work people keep people’s mind moving you someone wrote a note to me and my seminar in London recently to say that mr. Murphy was an optimist

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