An Evening with Dr. Deming

Mike Micklewright, one of the leading thinkers in management thinking, does it again as he mixes comedy and education to bring “An Eventing with Dr. Deming”.

Americans do not understand the root causes of Toyota success. One of the root causes is self reliance: they do everything by themselves, build their own machinery, develop their own methodologies, their tools. Many of you would try to emulate Toyota. This is the paradox as you try to emulate Toyota, you become less like Toyota because now you rely on their systems, their tools. If you were to emulate anything, emulate their principles, emulate my principles, but then develop your own tools. Thomas Jefferson said “be flexible in style but unwavering like a rock in principle”. The style is the tools, be flexible on your tools, don’t copy from others but do be unwavering with your principles.

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